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I hear a clunking sound from my front wheel when I make a turn. What could be the issue?

Precision Transmission Answer:
One possible cause of the trouble for South Bend motorists is a worn axle. Front-wheel drive vehicles have axles that transfer power from the transmission to your front wheels. There is one for each front wheel. These axles are called constant velocity axles or CV axles for short. South Bend auto owners with rear-wheel drive vehicles have axles that are in back and run between the differential and the rear wheels. Of course, all-wheel drive vehicles will have an axle at each wheel.

When a front CV axle goes bad, it will generally make a clunking noise as you make a slow turn. When a rear axle goes bad, the clunking or moaning sound will be in the back. Now there really isn’t any preventive maintenance you can have performed to make your axles last longer, but you can have them inspected from time to time to see if a problem such as a leaking seal or torn protective boot has arisen. Sometimes finding the issue early will make the repair easier and less pricey.

Of course, axles do wear out and need to be replaced. This is essential and should not be put off by South Bend motorists because a severely worn axle can seize up causing pricey damage to your transmission or other components. This could even lead to an accident for South Bend drivers who ignore a worn axle.

If you suspect an axle issue, have it looked at right away. Ask your personable Precision Transmission service specialist if it’s time for an inspection of your axle.

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