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As technology advances, Precision Transmission provides the lates in services. ECU reprogramming is one such service that has moved from luxury to necessity to complete the repair and satisfy for our customers.

Almost everyone has seen the windows update pop up on your home or work computer. This is really the same thing, but for your vehicle computers. Most vehicles today have computers that are for the: Engine, Transmission, Air Bag, Automatic Brake System, Body Controls, and even more depending on the type of vehicle. Today’s vehicles are so electronic and dependent on what data the vehicles computers are receiving and commanding the engine and transmission to do, that the programmers have designed into it “repairs or fixes”. In some cases when we replace a part as simple as a window switch or a fan clutch we have to reprogram the computer with the latest update in order for the new component to work.

It is estimated that 60+ % of domestic vehicles from 1996 to present have updated calibrations, affecting more than 64 million vehicles in the United States alone. The newer calibrations can address drivability concerns, false DTC’s and inter-ECU networking operations.

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