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Our engines are more and more powerful, fuel efficient and reliable. This is all due to engineering. But the advances come at the price of simplicity. Modern cars in South Bend are so much more complex from a mechanical and electronics standpoint that it makes your head spin. Vehicles have several networked computers controlling most of the engine functions and many other vehicle functions as well. South Bend motorists take all of this sophistication for granted – but somebody has to fix it when it breaks.

It requires a high level of commitment on the part of the technician and Precision Transmission as well. In addition to the training, there’s the financial commitment by Precision Transmission to purchase the diagnostic and repair tools as well.

Today’s vehicle has numerous on-board computers. While you’re cruising down the road in your high-tech driving machine, you may not be aware of the 20 to 40 on-board computers that are all making thousands of decisions per second so you can experience some of the finest, ultimate driving conditions possible. It takes technology to accurately pinpoint diagnose, repair and service all of the latest technological advances prevalent on today’s high-tech engineered automobiles.

Up to date diagnostic equipment, combined with our experienced Technicians insures that you will receive an expert analysis of your vehicle’s problems.

When you bring your vehicle in to Precision Transmission, we will use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and computers to assess the condition of your vehicle. Now armed with this information, we can more accurately recommend the proper repair.

Our latest diagnostic tool is the VERUS PRO. The VERUS PRO is an innovated diagnostic equipment that lets us pinpoint and diagnose today’s sophisticated vehicles faster and more accurately. The VERUS PRO system incorporates advanced on board diagnostic capabilities including Domestic, European and Asian vehicle communication software. With the VERUS PRO and it’s interface with ShopStream Connect we can also create custom printouts of their scan data that they can share with the vehicle owner, or save it with the vehicle’s history.





VERUS PRO connected to vehicle watching live data.

Testing a sensor with know good waveform

Watching Parasitic Draw Test and Results.

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